My Preloved Life

I'm a 60 something woman whose lifelong partner, lover, soul mate and father to my 3 children died in 2017. We had a love affair that lasted for 46 years and 1 day. We met on 27th February 1971, Steve, aka My Rock, died on 28th February 2017. I hold onto the fact that he never stopped loving me until he took his last breath.

I can't be sure when I decided to shift my mindset to focus on everything I've had rather than what I've lost. Perhaps it was when I was preparing to talk about our love at Steve's Wake. But this shift was a game changer for me and is still important to this today. Of course, during the last 18 months, I've been overwhelmed by sadness at key anniversaries and there've been times when my grief has hit me like a tsunami wave but I've become resilient, I've embraced a new life, a preloved one.

What you can expect
My blog may not solve all your problems but hopefully, you'll see how I've embraced my new life. You'll never catch me feeling sorry for myself, I have a new perspective, I feel fortunate that I still have a life to live. I will always remember Steve and our incredible life together, his amazing love has powered me on each day and he'll often get a mention in my blog.

If it helps, you can write comments below any of my blogs, especially if they resonate with you and if any of your friends might enjoy reading my words, please share.



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